Innovative, Growth-Stage Companies

We focus on sectors that fall into what we know, and we do it well. Our team’s experience has been hyper focused on high growth sectors with a sustainable goal in mind. For us, ESG is not just a three letter acronym, we take pride in investing into companies that approach sustainability as a part of their business model.

Sustainable Technologies

Human ingenuity through the private sector and capital markets are needed to solve the climate crisis. Our sustainable technologies specialization focus includes decarbonization, smart grid, circular economy, clean energy generation and infrastructure, energy transition, and carbon credit streaming and verification.

Energy Metals

Achieving the levels of decarbonization that are required to offset climate change risk is a significant challenge to overcome. In order to get there, and replace 1.4 Billion internal combustion engines globally, we need metals to transition and electrify energy sources. We focus on metals companies that place importance on sustainability and reclamation.

Special Situations

Ground breaking companies primed to make a difference in the world through innovative solutions.

We are always looking at new opportunities.

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